Our Belief

At Cambiar Investors, we believe that being aware of our surroundings and being aware of the impact that our business culture and employees have go hand in hand with the integration of our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiative into our relative value investment process.


Cambiar Complex

In relocating our office to a new state of the art complex in Denver’s Cherry Creek North neighborhood, we made an effort to reduce the amount of waste associated with our move.

Existing office furniture, computers, office supplies, etc., were donated to various non-profit organizations around Denver, including Young American’s Bank, Habitat for Humanity, and OpenWorld Learning.

From there, Cambiar worked closely with a local furniture maker to develop new office desks and tables utilizing refurbished materials, sourced from airplanes, train cars, bowling alleys, and salvage yards.

The furniture in our office has a unique past. We find great value in something that has a history and utilizing it to help shape our future.

Greater Impact with Less Plastic

We have eliminated plastic water bottles throughout the Cambiar facility with water stations set up throughout. Other beverages in our office come in glass bottles or aluminum cans.

Socially Conscious

Culture of Diversity & Success

Behind every successful business are those individuals that dedicate their time and energy to perfecting their craft. At Cambiar Investors, we acknowledge that our success throughout the years comes from the efforts of a diverse group of hard-working individuals in various roles at the firm.

Since our founding in 1973, Cambiar has endeavored to hire the brightest and most qualified individuals regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. We are proud that the results of this effort is a firm with a strong and balanced makeup.

people recycling

Inspired to Give

Cambiar employees support a diverse range of charitable organizations. Cambiar supports the efforts of our staff in donating their time, money, and energy towards the causes that mean the most to them. Cambiar has also established a matching gift program for qualifying charitable contributions.

Cambiar in the Community

Cambiar is deeply invested in the community where our firm has resided for nearly 50 years. We are passionate about creating opportunities for children in Colorado – our community’s next generation of leaders – to think differently about our world.

Cambiar partners with organizations that share our mission of enhancing the learning and lives of local-area young people.

help learning

“We are passionate about creating opportunities for children in Colorado – our community’s next generation of leaders .”


Strong Corporate Leadership

Governance has always been an important factor at Cambiar, whether it pertains to our own management team or those of the companies we look to invest in. Cambiar is committed to maintaining constructive relationships with our clients while maintaining a strong balance sheet, and a stable share ownership base.


As a 100% employee-owned firm, our culture consists of an entrepreneurial and collaborative makeup. Our organizational structure allows our staff the freedom and confidence to offer up their opinions, regardless of titles or roles. Our belief is that a respectful, yet spirited approach to sharing ideas creates an environment with diverse and unique points of view.

There are also various committees set up at Cambiar to ensure checks and balances and to guide the firm to overall success.

Cambiar’s Approach to Responsible Investing

We believe that our focus on investing in companies with strong, effective management teams yield positive results for our clients, which is the foundation for the long-term investment successes of our clients.

In many instances, we recognize the correlation between the ability to successfully execute corporate strategy and corresponding connections to constructive ESG factors.

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