A Culture of Balance & Inclusion

A Culture of Balance & Inclusion

Cambiar Investors is proud to celebrate International Women’s Day. We would like to recognize the strong, independent women that help make our organization what it is today.

Behind every successful business are those individuals that dedicate their time and energy to perfecting their craft.  At Cambiar Investors, we acknowledge that a lot of our success throughout the years comes at the hands of the hard-working women in various roles at the firm.

Since our founding in 1973, Cambiar has endeavored to hire the brightest and most qualified individuals regardless of gender.  We are proud that the result of this effort is a firm with a strong and balanced gender makeup.

On this special day, we want to acknowledge the hard working women that have devoted themselves to various roles across the firm.  Today women lead a majority of Cambiar’s departments.  Our past success has been highly dependent on their efforts, and we believe that they are the cornerstone to the firm’s ability to provide the highest quality services and products to our clients.

Below is a key individual we would like to highlight as to not only making a difference at Cambiar, but helping to redefine the financial services industry.

Nancy WigtonNancy Wigton – Executive Director of Sales & Marketing

Ms. Wigton has over 34 years of experience and has been at Cambiar since 1994.  Nancy oversees all facets of client relations and new business development at Cambiar.  Under her leadership, Cambiar has become the largest Colorado-based asset management firm by AUMI.

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For more information, please refer to the link.  Envestnet Managers of the Year – Winners & Criteria