Culture of Empowerment

At Cambiar, the same attributes that drive our approach to investing also define our culture. We are entrepreneurial and forward-thinking. We set a high bar for ourselves and for one another. And we continuously evolve while maintaining a steadfast commitment to the clients we serve.


We look for opportunities to make a positive effect on our firm and our clients.  We routinely ask questions about how we can improve.  Our intellectual curiosity encourages us to initiate new projects and learn new skills along the way.  This open-minded approach to work helps us to develop professionally and build the satisfaction that comes with making a real impact.

“If I see something that needs to be done or improved, I can grab a team of people and start working on it. I love that we can challenge ourselves.”

Entrepreneurial Environment

Everyone at Cambiar is free – and encouraged – to offer an opinion, regardless of role or seniority. For over 45 years, Cambiar has been an unwavering active investor, and our respectful yet spirited sharing of ideas informs our unique point of view.

The end result? Our culture of inclusion drives our growth and the benefits we deliver to clients.

“We know our opinions are valued – people feel like they can express themselves here. We don’t just want the status quo; we need people to ask hard questions that make people think.”

Long-Term Stability

As for the firm, Cambiar continues to grow and remains one of Colorado’s largest and longest-running asset management firms. Many members of the team have been with Cambiar for over a decade, and the average tenure at the firm is near ten years. While there is no single reason why our team members tend to join and stay at Cambiar, we are certain our culture – and the ability to build a rewarding career with us – is an important element of our success.

“We look for solid, quality employees with upside potential to be with and grow with the firm for a long time, similarly to how we build our portfolios.”