Why Cambiar?

We’re more than seasoned professionals in the industries we’ve been covering for years. We are passionate students of the market, continually honing our market intelligence.

We seek companies with strong fundamentals that we believe will reward investors over time, and provide forward-thinking insights – that we bring into focus – to our clients.

At a Glance

We focus exclusively on one investment discipline: relative value. We search for out-of-favor companies with strong fundamentals and identifiable catalysts for change.

The benefit to our clients? By investing with the courage of our convictions, we discover companies we believe will reward investors over time.

100% Employee-owned
1973 Providing high-quality investment solutions for over 50 years
23 years Average investment experience


Cambiar Advantage


We’re independent in every sense of the word.

We’re employee-owned and our goals are aligned with our clients’ success. We have an entrepreneurial and collaborative culture, and we’re dedicated to continuous improvement.


As active investors, we’re benchmark agnostic. We seek to capitalize on the market’s short-term dysfunction to find quality companies poised for long-term success.

Our high active share—a measure of how much we differ from the benchmark index—reflects our commitment to discovering good companies at attractive prices.


We come to work each day with an open mind and a drive to always learn more.

This intellectual curiosity forms our unique perspective, which we share with clients to offer new insight.

The Benefits to Our Clients

Our ability to adapt to evolving markets and industries means that we separate real change from passing fads and act accordingly.

We’ve weathered numerous market cycles and know how to position portfolios with the goal of delivering long-term performance to our investors.

In everything we do, we make decisions that are aligned with positive outcomes for our clients.