Midterm Election Years – Correction & Rebound

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QPD In Action – 2Q23

We put our Quality, Price, Discipline process in motion. This quarter we feature a small cap healthcare stock that fits the bill.

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Possible Inflection Point for Small Caps

Small Caps recently snapped an extended streak of rolling negative returns. Historically this has led to a period of strong performance over the following year. We examine.

All Things Financial

We examine the state of the banking sector, rising credit card debt, rating downgrades, and where we are finding opportunities.

Money Life Interview - Brian Barish

Cambiar President Brian Barish joins the Money Life show to discuss how Cambiar has redefined relative value investing and where he is finding opportunities for the Cambiar Aggressive Value ETF.

Mutual Funds vs Separately Managed Accounts
Mutual Funds vs Separately Managed Accounts
Unraveling Separately Managed Accounts and Mutual Funds

A guide to unlocking the differences between these two popular investment vehicles.

ISM Manufacturing Trends – Small Cap Implications

We examine what PMI data can say about the performance of small and large caps.

winding path with grey buildings at start and green nature at the end
winding path with grey buildings at start and green nature at the end
Why Choose Active Management?

In the realm of investment strategies, two primary approaches dominate the landscape: active management and passive management. What's the difference?

The Crude Reality of Energy Markets

Cambiar’s President sits down to discuss the evolving energy markets and positioning within the sector for the Cambiar Large Cap Value strategy and the Cambiar Aggressive Value ETF.

Mid-Year Review - AI, Banks, & More

We look back at the first half of 2023 and examine the AI craze, the stability of banks, and the strength of Chevron and JP Morgan.

Cambiar SMID Fund - Active Equity Mutual Fund of the Year

Cambiar SMID Fund honored with prestigious Mutual Fund & ETF Award.

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