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Money Life Interview - Munish Malhotra

Cambiar Investment Principal Munish Malhotra joined Chuck Jaffe on his show Money Life to discuss his latest blog Cheap Isn't Value and what it takes to be a value investor today.

The Virus Plaguing Value

After decisive outperformance over the history of the stock market, “value” as a stock selection strategy has underperformed from 2007-present.  Why?

Cambiar Investors - Denver Equity Asset Manager
Cambiar Investors - Denver Equity Asset Manager
Market Outlook - 2Q20

Cambiar President Brian Barish provides his latest market insights where he discusses current market performance and the variables that could dictate market direction in the latter half of 2020.

Large Cap Value - 2Q20 Review

Cambiar President Brian Barish examines the second-quarter performance for the Large Cap Value portfolio and details what is moving the markets.

Money Life Interview - Brian Barish

Cambiar President Brian Barish recently joined Chuck Jaffe on his show Money Life. Brian details the digital economy, the unprecedented actions by the Federal Reserve, and the subsequent M2 money supply growth that has been keeping the markets afloat.

The False Narrative of Growth vs Value Investing

Cambiar Portfolio Managers Colin Dunn and Andy Baumbusch tackle the ongoing debate between value and growth.