Soaring Success: How Aerospace Investments Have Propelled CAMX in 2024

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Crude Questions: Mergers and Rising Prices

Cambiar President Brian Barish details the recent acquisitions made by Exxon and Chevron and sheds light on the factors moving oil prices.

Money Life Interview - Brian Barish

Cambiar President Brian Barish joins the Money Life show to discuss how Cambiar has redefined relative value investing and where he is finding opportunities for the Cambiar Aggressive Value ETF.

The Crude Reality of Energy Markets

Cambiar’s President sits down to discuss the evolving energy markets and positioning within the sector for the Cambiar Large Cap Value strategy and the Cambiar Aggressive Value ETF.

Mid-Year Review - AI, Banks, & More

We look back at the first half of 2023 and examine the AI craze, the stability of banks, and the strength of Chevron and JP Morgan.

The Heat Is On - Can Europe Avoid an Energy Crisis?

Europe so far has been able to manage through the energy crisis brought on by the Ukraine War. However, to jump-start their economy, they may need to increase their purchases of higher-priced global LNG. We examine the economic landscape.

Cambiar Investors - Denver Equity Asset Manager
Cambiar Investors - Denver Equity Asset Manager
Market Insights - 2Q19

Cambiar President Brian Barish provides his latest thoughts on the fixed income environment, China, and that 90s feeling.