Brian Barish Live on The Claman Countdown

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Navigating Through Small Cap Equities in Today's Volatile Environment

Cambiar Small Cap and SMID Value PMs, Andy Baumbusch and Colin Dunn discuss financial gravity in smaller cap equities and how this correction has created opportunities to invest in quality businesses.

Post Thanksgiving Indigestion 2021

The week of Thanksgiving has historically been a peaceful lull for investors. Staying true to 2021, events around the holiday were far from normal.

MarketWatch Interview - Brian Barish

CIO Brian Barish recently gave MarketWatch two reasons—one near term and one longer-term—why gaming stocks may be set to outperform.

What Investors Are Watching After Spike in Treasury Yields

Brian Barish provides his insights on rising yields and the impact on stocks.

Short Sellers Face End of an Era as Rookies Rule Wall Street

Brian Barish provides his thoughts on the recent market volatility.

Stock Gains in Danger as Fed May Disappoint

Cambiar President Brian Barish is interviewed by and discusses the potential impact from the actions of the Federal Reserve.