Market Outlook – 2Q20

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Large Cap Value - 2Q20 Review

Cambiar President Brian Barish examines the second-quarter performance for the Large Cap Value portfolio and details what is moving the markets.

Money Life Interview - Brian Barish

Cambiar President Brian Barish recently joined Chuck Jaffe on his show Money Life. Brian details the digital economy, the unprecedented actions by the Federal Reserve, and the subsequent M2 money supply growth that has been keeping the markets afloat.

A Changing Definition of Value

We examine what it means to be "value".

Rise of the Supercaps - Growth or Natural Monopolies?

Learn about what makes up the "Supercap Technology" companies.

World's Largest Public Companies - Shift In Power

Brian Barish examines the largest companies in the world from 2010 and today. There is a definite change.