Cambiar Wins Two IMEA STAR Awards

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Larger Allocations to Smaller International Stocks

Moving down the international market cap spectrum has three potential benefits. Learn more.

Cambiar Investors - SMID Value
Cambiar Investors - SMID Value
The Often Overlooked SMID Asset Class

SMID cap stocks have historically been underrepresented in traditional asset allocation models.  Cambiar examines three reasons why this area can potentially add value to an asset allocation model.

Cambiar Investors - active value global manager
Cambiar Investors - active value global manager
Midterm Election Years - Correction & Rebound

Cambiar examines market movements during midterm election years.

Place Your Bets

Who are the winners and losers of the recent ruling allowing for sports betting in the U.S.?

Physical Retail vs. Amazon

Jeff Susman examines the Amazon Effects on traditional retail.