Thoughts on Inflation – MarketWatch Interview

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MarketWatch Interview - Brian Barish

CIO Brian Barish recently gave MarketWatch two reasons—one near term and one longer-term—why gaming stocks may be set to outperform.

Barron's Interview - Todd Edwards

Portfolio Manager Todd Edwards details the attractiveness of international small cap stocks.

MarketWatch Interview - Charmaine Chan

Senior Analyst Charmaine Chan sits down with MarketWatch and helps separate the likely long-term vaccine winners from the rest.

MarketWatch Interview - Adam Ballantyne

Senior Analyst Adam Ballantyne shares his thoughts on why he thinks homebuilder stocks may outperform in 2021.

Value vs Growth Stocks After the Election

Cambiar President Brian Barish was recently interviewed by MarketWatch, where he discusses value vs. growth investing coming out of a Presidential election.