Soaring Success: How Aerospace Investments Have Propelled CAMX in 2024

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50+ & Beyond: A Pretty Good Idea That Went Pretty Far...

From a humble beginning in 1973 to industry veterans 50+ years later. The unexpected story of Cambiar Investors.

Remembrance and Reflection: 50+ Years of Cambiar

In late 2023, we paused our anniversary celebration in order to reflect on the profound impact of our founder's final days, sharing insights and memories that continue to shape our path forward.

Honoring the Legacy: Michael Barish

Cambiar President Brian Barish reflects on the passing of his father and Cambiar Founder, Michael S. Barish.

Celebrating 50 Years of Cambiar Investors

As Cambiar celebrates its 50th anniversary, we delve into the significant events that unfolded in the stock market over the past five decades.

The Crude Reality of Energy Markets

Cambiar’s President sits down to discuss the evolving energy markets and positioning within the sector for the Cambiar Large Cap Value strategy and the Cambiar Aggressive Value ETF.

Bank Runs and Liquidity Challenges

Recent developments in the global financial sector have triggered an elevated range of questions. We provide our roadmap to navigating this space.