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QPD Podcast - Tech Through the Lens of a Value Investor

Investment Principal Joe Chin sits down to discuss the pandemic effects on technology, disruptions he sees in the near future, the importance of intangible assets, and how value investors should evaluate the tech space.

China Heads Into Darker Waters

The near term investment risks and longer term implications of heightened interventionism by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

SMID & Small Cap Value - 2020 Review

Cambiar SMID and Small Cap Value portfolio managers provide their 2020 wrap up and examine the elements that led to strong outperformance.

The Virus Plaguing Value Part 4: What Should Investors Do?

In part four of our video series, Cambiar President Brian Barish sits down to answer the most popular questions that have come from his Virus Plaguing Value piece.

The Digital Age

In part three of our video series, we detail the advancement out of the Industrial Age into the Digital Age.

Cheap Is Not Value

Cheap does not equate to value. Investment Principal Munish Malhotra explains.