Brian Barish Interview – Meb Faber Show

Tag: Virus Plaguing Value

The Virus Plaguing Value Part 4: What Should Investors Do?

In part four of our video series, Cambiar President Brian Barish sits down to answer the most popular questions that have come from his Virus Plaguing Value piece.

The Digital Age

In part three of our video series, we detail the advancement out of the Industrial Age into the Digital Age.

Fading the Fade

In part two of our video series, we examine how the best companies' returns are not fading at anywhere near the rate that they used to in the 1990s or the early 2000s and the effects it's had on value investors.

The NBA Small-Ball Revolution

In part one of our video series, we examine how in the NBA a small rule change led to a revolution. Was there a comparable rule change in the world economy during that same time?