Analyst Profile – Joe Chin

Analyst Profile – Joe Chin

Throughout the month of May and in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we are highlighting our Portfolio Managers and analysts who are critical to Cambiar’s success.

What’s an investment theme you are focused on in 2021 and why?

I am focused on the emerging importance of the Semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem. Semi manufacturing is at the center of some very interesting short-term and long-term cross currents.

In the short term, there’s been a well-publicized shortage of chips affecting many industries. Obviously, that would represent a healthy tailwind for companies involved in semi manufacturing. More importantly, we’ve been researching the structural industry phenomenon known as “Moore’s Law stress”.  ML stress has fundamentally shifted the economic balance of power in the industry with Semi manufacturing increasing in importance and share of spend. Last, with the strategic nature of the industry against the Geo-political backdrop, Semi manufacturing is now viewed as a critical national infrastructure with the potential for government support. These are important shifts with potential to positively impact the fundamentals of the semi manufacturing suppliers for many years.

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