Cost of Capital – Year 2

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Greater Market Breadth - Schwab TV

Brian Barish joins Schwab TV to discuss the potential for widening market breadth in 2024 and three stocks he finds attractive.

Unleashing Value's Aggressive Side

While aggressive growth products abound, the realm of aggressive value is a road less traveled. In this episode we uncover the secrets that make the Cambiar Aggressive Value ETF truly distinctive.

QPD Highlights title card - Escape the Strategist Trap
QPD Highlights title card - Escape the Strategist Trap
Escape the Strategist Trap

In the inaugural episode of QPD Highlights, we discuss the anti-strategist approach and how investors can cut through the noise of today's market environment.

All Things Financial

We examine the state of the banking sector, rising credit card debt, rating downgrades, and where we are finding opportunities.

Money Life Interview - Brian Barish

Cambiar President Brian Barish joins the Money Life show to discuss how Cambiar has redefined relative value investing and where he is finding opportunities for the Cambiar Aggressive Value ETF.

Mid-Year Review - AI, Banks, & More

We look back at the first half of 2023 and examine the AI craze, the stability of banks, and the strength of Chevron and JP Morgan.