Bracing for the U.S. Elections

Bracing for the U.S. Elections

Cambiar President Brian Barish headlines the upcoming Bloomberg Hong Kong Virtual Series, where he will discuss the upcoming U.S. elections and the potential impacts on investors.

Bloomberg Virtual Series Description:

This November’s U.S. presidential election is set to be a roller coaster ride for candidates, voters, and investors. Rather than a straight-forward process with the winner declared on election night, there are now a range of scenarios for market participants to consider that were once unthinkable. President Trump has declared, repeatedly, that he won’t accept an outcome that he deems tainted. With tens of millions of Americans voting by mail — more than in any other U.S. Election in history — the outcome may not be clear for days or longer, raising concerns about political instability and, possibly, civil unrest. With the attention of many investors turning toward November’s elections as a source of risk, we gather leading money-managers to guide us through all the U.S. election scenarios and debate the hedging strategies that should protect portfolios.

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