Change Is Needed…

Change Is Needed…

Our thoughts on the recent injustices we are seeing across our nation.

Our home city of Denver this week has been stricken by the same events, driven by feelings of outrage and despair, as many American cities. We are saddened by the struggles and inequities the black community faces, and the seemingly limited progress in America on this critical matter in the last ~30 years.

Cambiar in Spanish means ‘to change,’ and we at Cambiar Investors fully understand that systematic changes are needed to make tangible progress.  And yet we as a nation appear stuck, with the incidents that spark outrage and subsequent acts of protests highly reminiscent of the Rodney King-driven riots of 1992.

As a global asset manager, it is our job to understand a variety of foreign cultures, their history, and how this affects business sensibilities.   America’s history as a nation is unique, but many other nations have struggled with issues of ethnicity, inclusion, and consistency in their attitudes towards differences.   Much of modern world history is replete with wars fought along these lines, when dialogue fails and extremism reigns.  To affect real change of this sort, it is usually necessary to examine this history closely and critically and to use this knowledge to steer dialogue, education, policies, and laws in a thoughtful and constructive manner.

We stand by all people of color, especially the members of the black community at this time, who make the American fabric so vibrant.  We are hopeful for thoughtful dialogue and positive changes that can advance our society.