The Heat Is On – Can Europe Avoid an Energy Crisis?

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business cycle
business cycle
All About the Business Cycle: Potential Tailwinds for European Banks

We examine why inflation and the war in Ukraine may only reinforce some of the strong business cycle trends found in the European banking sector.

2020: Outlook

Cambiar President Brian Barish provides his insights on U.S. & International performance, asset class opportunities, and potential issues heading into 2020.

Recent Events in Italy

Recent events in Italy have led to a sharp drop in investor confidence and European valuations. Cambiar examines the parliamentary system and the potential long-term effects.

European Banks - Outlook

European Banks appear to be moving in the right direction. A few charts to substantiate this claim.

Opportunities in International Markets

Cambiar examines the benefits of international investing.

World's Largest Public Companies - Shift In Power

Brian Barish examines the largest companies in the world from 2010 and today. There is a definite change.