Why Choose Active Management?


Why Invest in Midcaps?

Learn all about the potential of midcap equities, the often overlooked hidden gem.

Cambiar's SMID Fund is a Winner - Zacks Equity Research

Zacks Equity Research recognized Cambiar's SMID Fund as a top-ranked addition to one's retirement portfolio.

interest rates
interest rates
The Importance of Quality Following Interest Rate Hikes

As inflation levels remain elevated, the Federal Reserve has responded by raising the cost of capital. Cambiar examines the benefits of owning quality in past periods of tightening liquidity conditions.

Cambiar Investors - SMID Value
Cambiar Investors - SMID Value
The Often Overlooked SMID Asset Class

SMID cap stocks have historically been underrepresented in traditional asset allocation models.  Cambiar examines three reasons why this area can potentially add value to an asset allocation model.

2020: Outlook

Cambiar President Brian Barish provides his insights on U.S. & International performance, asset class opportunities, and potential issues heading into 2020.

SMID Value Introduction

Portfolio Managers Colin Dunn and Andy Baumbusch introduce the Cambiar SMID Value portfolio and discuss the type of companies that we seek to invest in.