Cambiar Wins Two IMEA STAR Awards

Cambiar Wins Two IMEA STAR Awards

Cambiar Investors receives two IMEA STAR award for Best Educational Campaign & Investor Website.

We are proud to announce that Cambiar Investors received two IMEA STAR awards for Best Overall Educational Campaign and Investor Website.


Cambiar Investors and other STAR award recipients received the awards at the STAR Awards Celebration, hosted virtually, on Wednesday, September 30, 2020.

“We are honored to be recognized by IMEA,” said John Le, Director of Marketing & Analytics, Cambiar Investors. “Our team is focused on providing timely and engaging content for our clients. In particular, our series examining the investment impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic included multiple pieces to help our clients navigate a challenging environment.  We are proud of how this series was executed, especially as we were navigating to a work from home environment.”

About IMEA STAR Awards:

The Investment Management Education Alliance (IMEA) has honored the communications and marketing efforts of firms in the investment management industry for over two decades through their prestigious STAR Awards Program. The program places an emphasis on the educational value of company efforts, recognizing firms with the primary focus to educate on an investment product, concept or philosophy. The STAR awards are divided into four categories: Investor, Advisor, Retirement, and Overall.







These awards are not indicative of any future investment performance.