Money Life Interview – Brian Barish

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The Crude Reality of Energy Markets

Cambiar’s President sits down to discuss the evolving energy markets and positioning within the sector for the Cambiar Large Cap Value strategy and the Cambiar Aggressive Value ETF.


CAMX Portfolio Manager Brian Barish, recently sat down with the First Look ETF Show to discuss what makes the strategy unique.

Cambiar's Aggressive Value ETF Worth Looking Into - ETF Trends

While debating the status of value stocks in the current market environment, ETF Trends recognized Cambiar’s Aggressive Value ETF as an option worth looking into.

The Story of CAMX - ETF Express

Brian Barish recently discussed the long-awaited launch of Cambiar's Aggressive Value ETF on ETF Express.

ETF Central
ETF Central
Cambiar Investors Launches New Aggressive Value ETF - ETF Central

As the market environment continues to support value-style investing, ETF Central has recognized CAMX as a possible solution to gain exposure.

Cambiar Aggressive Value ETF Launches

With many investors shifting their focus to value, CAMX’s concentrated, active strategy offers the potential to outperform.