QPD In Action – 4Q23

QPD In Action – 4Q23

This quarter we paint our Quality | Price | Discipline process by featuring the world's second largest coating/painting business, PPG Industries.

PPG Industries (PPG)

We believe PPG is well positioned for margin recovery & expansion in 2024, given the 2+ year decline in oil prices/input costs and volumes recovering in auto OEM and commercial aero, in particular.


 “2023 and 2024 has been and will continue to be a process of recovering margins to pre-COVID levels. The stock got cheap in 3Q23 with the broader sell-off and did not seem to account for the company-specific earnings growth levers for 2024  –  the still recovering end markets, the full year impact of 2023 price increases, and now falling raw material prices.”
Colin Dunn – Cambiar Materials Analyst


Key Facts

  • PPG is the second-largest coatings/paint company in the world. The industry has attractive returns on capital and compelling market structure, with PPG holding a strong market position, ranked #1 or #2 across most end markets.
  • PPG is more diversified than many peers like Sherwin Williams, with exposure to residential re-paint (think DIY painting), auto OEM paint, auto re-finish, commercial aero, marine, and industrial. The company is also geographically diversified.





PPG adheres to Cambiar’s stringent quality underwriting policy, including:

  • Strong (and improving) margins and market-leading returns on capital and cash conversion.
  • High (and growing) market share across diversified end markets and geographies.
  • Robust R&D engine with a history of building new technologies and applications.

Cambiar identified an attractive entry point characterized as:

  • Stock trading near multi-year low P/E valuation.
  • Stock trading near multi-year low Price/Sales ratio, Price/Book ratio, and EV/EBITDA ratio.


  • Valuation became attractive in Q3 after broader market sell-off which did not credit PPG for company-specific growth levers, recovering end markets in 2024, price increases, and falling raw material prices.
  • Took the opportunity to add high-quality industrial exposure with strong balance sheet, good FCF dynamics, and reasonable valuation vs broader market.
  • Transitory cyclical concerns should normalize in coming quarters, catalyzing a re-rating.


SECURITY FOUND IN FOLLOWING PORTFOLIO(s): Large Cap Value, Opportunity Fund, Aggressive Value ETF, & Global Equity
Colin Dunn, CFA




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Source: Cambiar Analysis & PPG company disclosure