QPD In Action – 2Q23

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Mutual Funds vs Separately Managed Accounts
Mutual Funds vs Separately Managed Accounts
Unraveling Separately Managed Accounts and Mutual Funds

A guide to unlocking the differences between these two popular investment vehicles.

The Crude Reality of Energy Markets

Cambiar’s President sits down to discuss the evolving energy markets and positioning within the sector for the Cambiar Large Cap Value strategy and the Cambiar Aggressive Value ETF.

bull vs bear market
bull vs bear market
Bull vs. Bear Markets - What Do They Mean?

What does it mean when we are in a bull market versus a bear market? We explain the difference.

Bank Runs and Liquidity Challenges

Recent developments in the global financial sector have triggered an elevated range of questions. We provide our roadmap to navigating this space.

Asset-Liability Perils in the Banking Sector

The worst may be over, but we are heading into a dry desert of higher capital costs.

Cambiar Aggressive Value ETF Launches

With many investors shifting their focus to value, CAMX’s concentrated, active strategy offers the potential to outperform.