QPD In Action – 3Q23

QPD In Action – 3Q23

We put our Quality | Price | Discipline process in motion. This quarter, we're featuring a name in the life-sciences space with a diversified business model that could stand to benefit from the weight loss drug craze.

Waters Corporation (WAT)

Waters Corp. is a high-quality life sciences tools company focused on solutions involving liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, and thermal analysis.


 “One of the attractive qualities of an investment like Waters is that their instruments and consumables are an integral part of the pharma manufacturing and quality control process. Further, there are attractive end markets that are growing faster than the overall pharmaceutical market, like the GLP-1 drugs, which we believe will enable Waters, on the margin, to outgrow their peers. Given how high profile these drugs are, in my opinion, it also speaks to the strong competitive position that Waters has.”
– Rich Carney – Cambiar Healthcare Analyst


Key Facts

  • Waters has fostered excellent customer relationships and a solid operational reputation, with a leading market share in liquid chromatography. Company has grown faster than the market over the last 10 years driven by product innovation and organic growth1
  • Company operates a diversified business model (by end market, geography, and product type) and has generated 55% recurring revenues, strong margins, and market-leading returns on capital2.
  • Market concerns around cyclicality have driven the stock down to multi-year valuation lows (P/E and FCF yield) – we believe these concerns are transitory and overblown, providing an attractive entry point and opportunity for a re-rating over time.





Company adheres to Cambiar’s stringent quality underwriting policy, including:

  • Strong margins and market-leading returns on capital
  • Growing end markets, strong organic growth, and recurring revenue mix
  • Attractive share repurchase plan
  • New management aligned with shareholders

Cambiar identified an attractive entry point characterized as:

  • Stock trading below 5-year average P/E valuation.
  • Free cash flow yield near 10-year low, which we expect to improve and drive stock re-rating.


  • We believe the current valuation reflects transitory cyclical concerns that should normalize in the next 8-12 months, which would catalyze a re-rating in the stock.
  • Waters is a high-quality operator in a growing market segment and should continue to compound earnings over the medium-term.


SECURITY FOUND IN FOLLOWING PORTFOLIO(s): Large Cap Value, Opportunity Fund, SMID Value & SMID Fund
Rich Carney, CFA




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1Source: Cambiar Analysis & Waters company disclosure
Source: Waters 1H2023 financial results