QPD In Action – 1Q24

QPD In Action – 1Q24

This quarter we feature a high-flying business that meets our Quality | Price | Discipline process, Delta Airlines.

Delta (DAL)

Delta is the largest airline in the United States, with nearly 23% market share, and boasts one of the best balance sheets and highest ROICs versus the big four airlines in the United States.

Entering harvest mode (reduced spending on established products to maximize profits) on significant aircraft and technology investments during COVID recovery from 2021-2023.  Air travel revenue returning to long-term trends.


Key Facts

  • With a generally healthy consumer and ongoing recovery in business travel, Delta is primed to maintain margins at its current double-digit level, whilst growing the top-line at least 5%/year over the next few years tied to airline acquisitions, airfare growth, and new routes.
  • Delta and other larger cap airlines are in a unique position to re-capture lost market share from the low-cost carriers that continue to struggle in what is likely to be a longer than expected inflationary backdrop, especially for key cost inputs like labor and energy.
  • Industry quality remains poor (5-12x p/e industry) for now, and some cost variables remain chaotic (oil) and most others still inflationary (wages, airport fees, cost of equipment, maintenance).
  • Delta’s “premiumization” strategy is paying significant dividends due to the tremendous cash flow and value creation from its AMEX partnership, helping to drive billions in excess cash flow annually and further pay down debt, invest in aircraft, and build out terminals and lounges that create a feedback loop in the Delta network.





  • 2nd best capitalized large cap airline.
  • Delta should be able to generate sufficiently positive FCF through the next consumer downturn and may likely emerge stronger than in prior crises (2001, 2008).
  • Delta has a very strong chance of maintaining healthy ~10% EBIT margins, supporting ongoing $6-7/shr EPS, albeit with a very uncertain and likely nonlinear path.

  • Cambiar believes that Delta’s earnings are highly undervalued @ 6.8x our 2025E EPS, versus a long-term average of 8-10x, and think that structurally, for the first time in a couple decades, there is meaningful upside to the long-term multiple/yield of the equity.


  • Overall view: cautious near-term as the economy broadly weakens, but very cheap equity with cash flow protection, valuable assets, and “need” service.
  • Cambiar believes the long-term positive framework for industry improvement exists, and broader earnings multiples should increase over time.


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Source: Cambiar Analysis & Delta company disclosure