Value Investing: What Is It?

Tag: value vs. growth


CAMX Portfolio Manager Brian Barish, recently sat down with the First Look ETF Show to discuss what makes the strategy unique.

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While debating the status of value stocks in the current market environment, ETF Trends recognized Cambiar’s Aggressive Value ETF as an option worth looking into.

SMID Sailing: Celebrating 10 Years of the Cambiar SMID Fund

Cambiar's SMID Fund Portfolio Managers sat down a decade after the launch of the strategy to discuss the asset class and what makes their approach unique.

China Heads Into Darker Waters

The near term investment risks and longer term implications of heightened interventionism by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Domestic Markets - 1Q21 Review

Inflation and Steepening Yields – False Dawn or Beginning of a Trend?

Domestic Markets - 4Q20 Review

The ‘gro-mo’ trade (growth and momentum) has reached a level where Nasdaq stocks are outperforming the broader market by magnitudes last seen in the dotcom bubble.