Value vs Growth Stocks After the Election

Value vs Growth Stocks After the Election

Cambiar President Brian Barish was recently interviewed by MarketWatch, where he discusses value vs. growth investing coming out of a Presidential election.

MarketWatch reporter Michael Brush discusses value vs. growth stocks coming out of an election.  Cambiar President Brian Barish provides his insights on the topic.








The article refers to certain Cambiar performance information. Cambiar does not know where the author obtained this information from. However, click below to view the three and five years performance ending on September 30, 2020 for the Cambiar Large Cap Value Composite and the Cambiar Opportunity Fund.

Cambiar Large Cap Value
Cambiar Opportunity Fund









The article compares the Cambiar performance referenced above to certain “large-cap value competitors” on the basis of information provided by Morningstar. Cambiar does not know: which competitors the author and/or Morningstar selected for comparison; the data and methodology used to achieve the comparisons; or what the effect of such comparison would be over different periods of time. Such comparisons are in no way indicative of any individual client or investor’s experience with Cambiar or of the Cambiar Large Cap Value (Institutional) composite’s future performance.  

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